What is the COMPACT? It is a complete ready-to-start freezing/blast chilling cabinet with spiral conveyor, evaporator and refrigeration compressor. When it comes on your factory, you need only to install it on the place, connect with power supply line and push the button. That’s all! Enjoy your production!

This is a standard equipment in Millennium Engineering production line. So, it means that it does not required for designing. It was already thoroughly worked before and now the time required for production from your call to your COMPACT is fixed and very short.

One more thing that COMPACT participates in warehouse program and you can find it in our storage ready and waiting for you. JUST CONTACT US!

What we propose:

  • 3 models from 150 to 450 kg/h
  • Reuired area – less than 20 m2
  • Required transport – standard truck or sea container
  • Production time – 1 month!
  • Installation and start-up – 1 day!

Already have refrigeration line? No problem. We give you COMPACT without compressor, so you can use your existing line, saving your money… again. Even if you use Ammonia or CO2. We give you suitable evaporator for required refrigerant. Nothing is impossible.

Not enough?

Well, we are glad to introduce our special program for small companies.

If you are growing up or working seasonally, we can propose to you COMPACT for rent. So, you can try it for 1, 2, 3 or 6 months and after decide, if you need it or not. Just make your first fund after two-three seasons and redeem your COMPACT forever. By the way, 84% who tried, rent it again or redeem. 52% of them buy a new equipment 2 or 3 times more bigger, than COMPACT.