Complete line from a main contractor

Millennium Engineering is located in the heart of manufacturing zone of Italy. Every day we contact and cooperate with the leading Italian, European and Japanese manufactures of food processing equipment. Therefore, ME is glad to propose to its customers possibility to have the most suitable solution for all factory line, starting from a components preparation and finishing with packing and storage. 

If you are interested to have a contact with a single manager who speaks same language as you – you finally found that you have looking for.

  • Bakery, pasta, pizza and confectionary: flour silos and storage, flour sifters, dosing machines, dough mixers, discharges, dough dividers, molders and rounders, proofers, boiling pots, fryers, donut lines, pastry and croissants lines, pies and cakes lines, cookies lines, pizza lines, pancake ovens, tunnel ovens, spiral ovens, rotary ovens, slicing machines, multihead weighers, etc.
  • Meat and poultry: contact freezers, defrosters, minced meat cutters and mixers, sausages equipment, injectors, massagers, burgers and nuggets lines, dumplings machines, etc.
  • Fish and seafood: linear tunnel freezers, contact freezers, fluidized bed, glazing baths and showers, defrosters, etc.
  • Fruits, vegetables and berries: washing machines, cutters and peelers, blanching machines, fluidized bed, defrosters, etc.
  • Packing and other equipment: multihead weighers, vertical packing machines, flow-pack machines, vacuum thermoformers,  cartoners, cold storages, white rooms, etc.

A wide range of solutions: low and high capacity, automated and manually operated, medium and premium category, standard and specially designed, new and used – all these options are open to discuss with us.

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