Spiral conveyor systems in Food Processing

Spiral conveyor systems are an integral part of the modern food processing. They play a key role in the automation of processes, increasing capacity, reducing occupied area and, in the end, reducing costs. Spiral conveyor system allows to organize deep freezing, cooling, proofing, pasteurizing and transportation of products under the conditions required in accordance with technological process.

Due to its flexibility, spiral conveyors can be easily integrated into newly developed projects, as well as in existing production lines, which can significantly save time and money in the search for optimal solutions.

Millennium Engineering srl specializes in design and manufacturing of spiral conveyors and related systems for deep freezing, ambient and forced chilling, final proofing, pasteurizing and conveying for the following products: bread, buns, croissants,  sandwiches, hot-dogs, pizza, pasta, dough, cookies, pies, cakes, pancakes, confectionary, ready meals, fresh meat, poultry, meat dumplings, burgers, meatballs, fish, shrimps, crabmeat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, berries, dairy, desserts, ice cream and many others. Conveying is suitable for bulk and packed products, very hot or frozen, in-line or uneven distribution, large and small, packed in carton, glass, plastic or metal – all of the properties will be taken into account in the design of every single project.

Operation modes:
• Deep freezing: down to -40 оС
• Cooling: from-5 оС up to +20 оС
• Proofing: from +20°C to +50°C
• Pasteurizing: up to +120°C
• Conveying: from -40°C to +200°C

Millennium Engineering spiral systems main features:
• Ultimate belt strength (superior to any existing offer on the market)
• Maximum flexibility thanks to innovative geometry
• Only the highest quality components European and Japan origin
• Lightweight and absolute hygiene construction
• Easy maintenance and low operation costs
• Maximum easy belt sliding
• No lubrication required
• Factory Acceptance Test every time before shipping
• Best price on European market

Technical specifications:

Working temperatures -40…+200 °C
Capacity up to 5 000 kg/h
Belt width 250…1200 mm
Single belt max length up to 1 000 m
Number of belts on a single spiral up to 4
Belt speed 0.5…20 m/min
Adjusting of belt speed Individual with inverter
Number of tiers on a single spiral up to 40
Maximum product height up to 400 mm
Required area starting from 3 m2
Power consumption 0.37…4 kW
Available power supply 380 V – 3 ph – 50 Hz

480 V – 3 ph – 60 Hz

Framework material Stainless steel AISI304
Belt material Stainless steel AISI304 + FDA certified plastic