The goal of ME Food Solutions is to efficiently solve tasks that are related to different types of food processing according to high production and hygienic standards.

Eight Key Aspects of Our Philosophy

ME Food Solutions aims to follow eight basic principles in the development of various projects in the food industry, such as freezing, refrigeration, proofing, pasteurization and transportation.

Key Aspects: flexibility, constant innovation, customized design, integrated development, high standards of hygiene, cost-effectiveness, high reliability and rigorous testing.

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Innovative ideas with Secure Solutions



Good equipment is equipment that is thought out to the smallest detail.

Modern technological processes are increasingly demanding equipment in terms of performance and reliability.
ME Food Solutions can design and produce systems for its customers through careful selection, specialized engineering skills and high quality of the materials.


«It is impossible!» 

Specialists of ME Food Solutions had often heard this statement. They always take it as a challenge. This led to the formation of the motto of our project group: «Where others do not come, we begin». 

The values of attention to detail, the ability to adjust to the wishes of each client and the application of all efforts to satisfy them are at the heart of every installation we produce. And each of our installations is different. 

The flexibility of the technical solutions of ME Food Solutions allows to satisfy all requirements of modern food production.


There is no point in talking about innovation without experience. Moreover, the theory must be tested in practice. ME Food Solutions distinguishes itself from other companies by studying the latest generation of materials, modern technical solutions, computer technologies and the constant generation of new ideas that find their real application in our projects. 

Innovation is not about ignoring the past, but using past experience to move forward boldly and forcefully


There are no small or uninteresting projects for ME Food Solutions. We treat large and small producers of food equally. 

We do not have a standard installation. We always develop an individual project for each of our customers according to their needs. The engineering team of ME Food Solutions offers several possible solutions and together with the client choose the most suitable for its production line.


In addition to the production of individual units of food processing equipment, ME Food Solutions can offer our customers a complex production line which includes various types of equipment. 

ME Food Solutions can create solutions for food production with guaranteed efficiency due to good layout and attention to detail in complex development.


ME Food Solutions will never go to deterioration in quality instead of economy.

Nevertheless, we can offer equipment for the food industry on the best market conditions without deterioration of quality and reliability due to rational design and an intelligent approach in the selection of components and materials, such as stainless steel AISI 304 and FDA-certified techno polymers.


ME Food Solutions installations always meet the most stringent reliability requirements due not only to detailed design but also to factory tests that are carried out on each of our produced equipment. During the tests, all the parameters of the equipment are carefully checked so that the customer can be sure of its reliability and can quickly put it into operation       


ME Food Solutions pays special attention to compliance with all accepted hygiene standards of the European Union and other countries (such as the FDA) in the field of food production. Special attention in materials selection and design of individual units and equipment forms in general are the main aspects of our «philosophy of hygiene».

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