Millennium Engineering Srl has been founded in 1996

and immediately distinguished himself with stainless steel processing in Northern Italy, especially with AISI 304 steel. Quality of laser cutting processes for sheet metal and pipes, spot welding and welding and bending accuracy are just a few examples of the reasons that have led to important cooperation in the construction of food machines from the very beginning.

From the beginning, the company adheres to the philosophy that quality control is not only the final result, but a continuous process that accompanies the product at every stage of processing.

In May 2011, Luca Priore became the company’s director

He already had a great experience of working as an engineer in leading companies in the food industry. He defines the main aim of the company: to design equipment capable of satisfying any needs in the field of food processing.

Luca Priore brings to the company innovative engineering solutions aimed at creating a new model of conveyor belt: DLSNS.

The unique development was confirmed on March 19, 2013 by a patent on the Utilià model. November 27, 2013. It becomes a patent for an industrial invention, which will be supplemented and expanded in 2019.

In parallel with technical research and testing of their effectiveness, ME Food Solutions is transformed into a full-fledged brand. 

After 20 years of implementing technical solutions all over the world, the company decides to strengthen its position in the Russian market by opening a representative office of ME Russia with its team of commercial and technical specialists.

Our Team


Corporate life and work on each project can be described by one important word «specificity».

Based on the rich knowledge and experience of the engineer and director Luca Priore, the team of our company carries out theoretical, technical and design calculations as well as their practical tests. The result of these analyses is always a single solution that perfectly fit the needs of modern food production

Director & Head Manager: Luca Priore
Design & Development Management: Vitaly Zheleznyak
IT Technical Specialist: Francesco Campagnolo
Administration Management: Patrizia Priore
General Secretary Management: Morena Mason
Contents & Communication Management: Christian Zanon
Customer Care Management: Mirko Fontana
Supervisor & Project Management: Mauro Marcato
Production Management: Christian Slongo
Technical Office Management: Luca Magrin
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